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Hello. This is our locksmith blog. This is a diverse selection of our lock change work and other services such as; UPVC doors and windows, fire door closers and repossession in and near to Brighton & Hove. Watch out for our special offers. Gain valuable home and commercial security tips.

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UPVC Multipoint Lock Gearbox Replacement First Contact Onsite Repair

LBP Locksmiths were called to service a faulty multipoint lock on a UPVC door. Upon inspection, we identified the problem. The gearbox needed replacing. Fortunately for the customer, we had the right gearbox in the correct size in stock in our van. We replaced the faulty part on site, rendering a successful first contact resolution […]

Glass Window Replacement for a Commercial Property in Hove

We were called to attend a commercial property in Hove for glass repair and replacement for a front wood door. Two of the glass panes had smashed corners and needed replacement. We supplied and fitted new glass panels to fit accordingly and safely. The front door was restored to its original and safe state. LBP […]

Faulty Swing Arm Deadbolt Replaced by High Quality Part in Brighton

It turned out to be a busy week for LBP Locksmiths. We were called to a commercial property at Brighton Marina. The team fixed a door with a faulty Adamsrite swing arm deadbolt. Because low quality knockoff parts can mean serious trouble for any building, the team made sure to swiftly replace the old swing […]

Heavy Duty Hinge Replacement for a Storm-Damaged Aluminium Window in Brighton

Large commercial aluminium window replacement in Central Brighton was the work of a three-man team which required specialist heavy-duty hinges for safe and secure installation. The window had been caught by the heavy winds and the old hinges had buckled under the weight of the window which was three floors up overhanging the walkway below. […]

Assa Abloy Round Double Cylinder Lock Installation in Brighton

We had the pleasure of installing rare and high quality Swedish ASSA Abloy locks at a property in Brighton. These round double cylinders are manufactured to a very high specification anti-drill and anti-pick design, making them tough locks from forced attacks. They are suitable for both internal and external doors as well as high-usage doors. […]

LBP Locksmiths Emergency Lock In Service

LBP Locksmiths attended an emergency lock-in one Friday morning. The tenant was trapped inside their property due to a mechanical failure of a rusted Chubb lock. With years of experience and skill, we were able to carefully manipulate the lock open without causing damage to the door. After removing the lock, we inspected the lock […]

BS Certifire Deadlock Installation for a Timber Door in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths were called for a careful lock installation for a front door in Brighton. We installed a British Standard insurance approved deadlock which is also Certifire rated, providing high security for the front door. We had to be careful with carrying out the woodwork as the door’s outer coating is delicate and prone to […]

Servicing a Property Lockout and UPVC Window Repairs in Hove

LBP Locksmiths had a busy day servicing a lock out at a property and several repairs to UPVC windows in Hove. For the first job, we gained access by non destructive entry by using a specialist tool to unlock the door safely. Since the door was unlocked through a safe entry and the customer was […]

Master Key System And How They Work

Master Key System And How They Work What is a Master Key System (MKS)? Mechanical Masterkey systems are designed for multiple door entry throughout buildings such as apartment complexes with one key. Correct key management is a way of increasing commercial security by providing or limiting access. Where are they used? Master Key Systems are […]

Installation of a Mechanical Key Safe Box in Brighton

For this project, LBP locksmiths were called to a property in Brighton to replace an old and failing key safe. We replaced it with a British Standard, insurance approved Supra C500 key safe that will ensure security and last a long time. This police-preferred model is the first mechanical key safe to achieve the LPCB […]

Commercial 5 Lever Lock Change for a Court Ordered Repossession in Kemptown

LBP locksmiths attended a court ordered forfeiture at a commercial property in Kemptown. Once onsite, we replaced the rusty plates and locks with two British Standard insurance approved 5 Lever deadlocks with matching brand new plates. LBP locksmiths can help make property repossession process easy and smooth. From gaining easy entry with highly skilled non […]

Repossession Locksmith for Court Authorised Property Forfeiture

LBP locksmiths worked the very early hours of a morning following a court authorised forfeiture of a commercial property. To implement adequate security, we supplied two additional padlocks to the three existing locks of the basement door. Lock Specifications: 63mm Tri-Circle Padlock, waterproof and suitable for the outdoors E-50 IFAM padlock, pick proof with an […]

British Standards 5 Lever Deadlock Installation in Brighton

LBP locksmiths were called to a large property on the outskirts of Brighton where we installed 5 lever deadlocks on the wood doors. We supplied and fitted five keyed alike Union Assa Abloy deadlocks in polished brass. Insurance approved and bearing the British Standards kitemark, this model offers protection against common forces of attack like […]

Ingersoll Lock Cylinder Replacement in Brighton

LBP locksmiths were called to Brighton to replace a front door’s faulty Ingersoll SC1 barrel lock’s cylinder. Ingersoll locks are well known for their high security locks and resistance to drilling. But due to a national supplier issue, these barrels are currently difficult to get your hands on. To fix the problem, we installed a […]

Commercial Repossession in Brighton

We attended a court repossession in Brighton and after gaining access to the property, we changed multiple deadlocks, a rim lock, and we also installed a large heavy duty closed shackle padlock to a courtyard gate. Aside from the legal process, changing locks is an important part of regaining and securing ownership of property. We […]

PVC Window Locks Repaired in Hove

Living close to the sea is a great location, but there are problems like the salt in the air damaging your windows. Sea salt and rust can badly erode your lock mechanisms. uPVC window repairs are ongoing maintenance. LBP Locksmiths are experts in replacing and repairing all types of uPVC windows. We had a repair […]

Court Ordered Residential Repossession in Hove

LBP locksmiths attended a court-ordered repossession for a residential property in Hove. The basement had been left in a significant mess and the landlord was concerned about the potential for squatters moving into the property. High quality locks are needed to protect doors from unauthorised entry, so we supplied and fitted two new anti snap […]

Window Locks Replaced and Installed in Lewes

LBP locksmiths were called to a property in Lewes to replace and install locks to a home’s windows. First, we replaced the broken finch lock on their window downstairs. The finch lock is twisted into place to provide locking function. We then moved to their sash windows to install fresh fit key operated brass locks […]

Sash Window Lock Installation in Lewes

LBP Locksmiths – Sash Window Lock Installation in Lewes LBP locksmiths were called for a sash window lock installation at a house in Lewes. Wooden sash windows require locks for home insurance, we supplied and fitted two key operated locks. The locks allow the window frame to be secured with the option of leaving a […]

Lock Change for a Period House in Hove

For this job, LBP Locksmiths were called to replace the locks of a period home in Hove. The locks were rusted beyond repair. We carefully removed and replaced them with new ones. For maximum security, we supplied ASEC 5-lever lock and UNION 5-lever lock. These high-quality locks that look good on older period style doors, […]

Commercial Property Repossession in Portslade-by-Sea

LBP Locksmiths headed to a court-ordered repossession of a commercial property located in Portslade-by-Sea. With a court-appointed warrant officer and a local solicitor on site, we were given permission to gain entry to the premises. To gain easy access, we used our specialist tools without damaging the door. We then secured the property and fitted […]

Bespoke Aluminium Door Lock Fitting in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths serviced a bespoke aluminium door at a new office in Brighton. We removed the faulty lock mechanism and retrofitted a new one, then the new lock was tested. We ensured proper care by laying down protective sheets to protect the brand new floor from scratches and hot burrs from power tools. Our experience […]

Window Boarding Up of Commercial Shop in Central Brighton

LBP Locksmiths went to secure a broken window in Gustamps, a commercial property in central Brighton. Currently closed, the establishment needed a proper board-up. We replaced the taped-up carton boxes with a sturdy board that fits the window frame perfectly. Boarding up closed business premises or vacant shops prevents the entry of burglars, vandals, and […]

UPVC Door Replacement and Lock Installation in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths were called out in Brighton. We supplied and fitted quality UPVC French doors and provided keyed alike lock barrels. UPVC patio doors are ideal for natural light and long term weathering whilst providing good security. We used British Standard toughened glass. Toughened glass is designed to withstand all forms of pressure. In case […]

Rusted Lock Change in Hove

LBP Locksmiths went to a property in Hove to provide a lock replacement service for a rusted front door lock. We replaced the rusty 2-lever lock and supplied and fitted an Asec British Standards 5 Lever Deadlock. This Asec lock features a high grade steel case with anti-drill plates and keyhole protection for added security. […]

Nightlatch Lock Installation in Hove

LBP Locksmiths were called to Hove for a front door lock change. We supplied and fitted an ERA British Standard High-Security Nightlatch lock. Upon the client’s request, we also cut and tested additional keys on-site. ERA British Standard Nightlatch is a high-security night latch lock, offering maximum security for timber and glass-paneled front doors. It […]

Window Board Up in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths went into central Brighton to board up a building with a broken window. After measurement, we cut the board onsite and installed it immediately, ensuring a precise fit. Boarding up broken windows is important in both occupied and abandoned buildings if a repair is not possible in the present. It secures your property […]

Euro Deadlock Installation in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths were contacted for a Euro deadlock installation in Brighton. We installed a high-security Euro-operated deadlock with anti-snap and anti-barrel features, to provide a secure home door lock for the homeowners. How do burglars get past standard locks? Lock snapping and lock drilling are two of the common break-in methods for doors with a […]

Code Lock Installation in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths installed a digital push-button lock in Brighton. We supplied a mechanical keypad lock CL155SG, from Codelocks, with a mortice latch for the wooden door. Perfect for light-duty security in commercial offices & shops, you can change your codes with the instructions provided. It’s easy to use and has a front and dual backplate […]

Fire door closer installation Brighton office

LBP were called out to an office in Brighton to custom fit commercial fire-rated door closers & emergency handles to two fire-rated doors. Once the self closing device was matched with the fire doors size, weight and FD30 rating. It can be positioned, fitted and configured so the door closing speed and force required to […]

Emergency Lockout in Hove

LBP Locksmiths helped Hove residents that had been locked out of their home late on a Sunday night. LBP was extremely prompt in arriving and assessing the situation. We used specialist tools to gain entry after we tried a number of non-destructive techniques. Using a specialist plug puller, we removed the cylinder locks without damaging […]

Room Lock Fitting in Hove

LBP Locksmiths were called for a room lock fitting in Hove. We supplied and fitted a freshfit Union 5 lever British standard deadlock. This lock has the following features: suitable for timber doors has an extended 22mm deadbolt for a more secure deadlock and resistance against attack securely locks and can only be opened from […]

Office Complex Lock Refit with 57 Keys Cut – Brighton

LBP locksmiths supplied and fitted three premium ISEO barrel locks in an office complex in Brighton. The two barrels were keyed alike while the other barrel was keyed to differ.  We also cut and tested 57 keys on the spot for the employees– 15 for the middle lock and 42 keyed-alikes. ISEO is an Italian […]

Pilkington Glass Replacement Brighton

LBP supplied and fitted a piece of British Standards hardened Pilkington glass in a reeded style to match and repair this door in Brighton today. The glass was cut to size and professionally sealed. We cover all aspects of locksmith work, window (except sash) and door repairs in the Brighton & Hove area. Expect very […]

UPVC Glass Window Replacement Kemptown

LBP Locksmiths attended a property in Kemp Town today, we supplied and fitted six new Georgian style double glazing glass panes into uPVC windows.

Multipoint Lock (MPL) Replacement Rottingdean

LBP locksmiths attended a house in Rottingdean. The customers UPVC door lining had rusted along with the old Multipoint Lock unit (MPL). It took significant effort to remove due to the rust. The new MPL locking unit was fitted and we cleaned up the door with a UPVC cleaner. However, these locks can also depreciate […]

UPVC French Patio Door Hinges Replacement Brighton

Rusty door hinges are often stiff and difficult to move and can lead to breakage. If the UPVC door becomes misaligned it may not close or lock properly. If your doors are getting hard to open, then a patio door hinge replacement may be the fix that’s required.  We removed the UPVC French doors and changed […]

Flat Door Emergency Repair & Replacement

Flat doors have to withstand a lot of pressure. They keep us safe from any weather whatever the season is. We also get the assurance that our loved ones and property are safe.  But a door’s quality depreciates over time. And this may call for a replacement door. Here’s a broken flat door. It was […]

UPVC Window Maintenance Hove

Yes, UPVC windows are long-lasting and they keep you comfortable. But you need to maintain them from time to time to enjoy its benefits. Here’s another UPVC window repair in Hove. We removed the entire window, the broken espag, and old handle. Then, we refitted the window to make sure it lines up flush with […]

UPVC Window Repair Brighton

A UPVC Window Repair job for LBP. Customer reported a problem the window would not open. Upon inspection the hinge was broken. The window was removed carefully and the hinge was replaced. Windows can seize and get stuck especially in winter time. If the hinge is badly corroded or broken then we can put a […]

Large Chubb Safe Repair Brighton

A large Chubb safe repair work, fortunately the customer was in possession of the keys.

Sash Window Repair Portslade Sussex

LBP Locksmiths completed a Sash Window Repair at a residence in Portslade Sussex.

Dead Lock Replacement Portslade

LBP Locksmiths supplied and fitted a new 5 lever deadlock to a residence in Portslade.

Digital Code Lock Replacement Hove

We installed a new we high quality Codelocks branded mechanical push button lock by replacing an old broken digital code lock in an office in Hove.  

New ABS Lock Installation

New ABS lock installation. Quick response time, accurate fitting and key handover to another happy customer. It an example of our work during this busy week.  

Union 3G114E British standard insurance approved deadlock

Before and after of a Union (formerly Chubb) 3G114E British standard insurance approved deadlock in Brighton. We also cut and tested four additional keys for the new lock whilst on site. Ideal service for landlords with multiple tenants.

Commercial Safe Entry & Fault Correction

Before and after pictures of LBP Locksmiths gaining entry to a commercial safe, once the safe was opened, we then set about to diagnose and correct the fault. Afterwards we tested the safe to ensure that it was operating correctly.  

Heavy Duty Reliance Custom Gate Hinge and Drop Bolts

Another great day for LBP Locksmiths in Brighton today, pictures of some of our work – ** Installed four heavy duty reliance garage stay arms. ** Installed new hinges to a wooden gate. ** Installed multiple drop bolts.  

Victorian Door to Internal Deadlock Fire Compliant ISEO Euro

We worked on a lovely Victorian style House in Brighton. Various security upgrades professionally installed by LBP Locksmiths, the work was carried out on an internal victorian solid wooden bedroom door turning the bedroom into a safe room. * Fire compliant ISEO half Euro thumb turn operated barrels X 2. * Euro operated deadlocks X […]

Yale 81 Rollerbolt Nightlatches Installation in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths installed six Yale 81 Rollerbolt Nightlaches to a HMO property in Brighton yesterday. We also supplied hand-built master keyed rim cylinder barrels so the landlord and property management company have easy access. Upgrading your home security is not only for the safety of your valuables. We want to keep you and your loved […]

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