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Hello. This is our locksmith blog. To keep you up to date on our Locksmith work in Brighton. Watch out for our special offers. Gain valuable home and commercial security tips.

Jon Robinson
Gareth Mizon

New ABS Lock Installation

New ABS lock installation. Quick response time, accurate fitting and key handover to another happy customer. It an example of our work during this busy week.  

Union 3G114E British standard insurance approved deadlock

Before and after of a Union (formerly Chubb) 3G114E British standard insurance approved deadlock in Brighton. We also cut and tested four additional keys for the new lock whilst on site. Ideal service for landlords with multiple tenants.

Commercial Safe Entry & Fault Correction

Before and after pictures of LBP Locksmiths gaining entry to a commercial safe, once the safe was opened, we then set about to diagnose and correct the fault. Afterwards we tested the safe to ensure that it was operating correctly.  

Heavy Duty Reliance Custom Gate Hinge and Drop Bolts

Another great day for LBP Locksmiths in Brighton today, pictures of some of our work – ** Installed four heavy duty reliance garage stay arms. ** Installed new hinges to a wooden gate. ** Installed multiple drop bolts.  

Victorian Door to Internal Deadlock Fire Compliant ISEO Euro

We worked on a lovely Victorian style House in Brighton. Various security upgrades professionally installed by LBP Locksmiths, the work was carried out on an internal victorian solid wooden bedroom door turning the bedroom into a safe room. * Fire compliant ISEO half Euro thumb turn operated barrels X 2. * Euro operated deadlocks X […]

Yale 81 Rollerbolt Nightlatches Installation in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths installed six Yale 81 Rollerbolt Nightlaches to a HMO property in Brighton yesterday. We also supplied hand-built master keyed rim cylinder barrels so the landlord and property management company have easy access. Upgrading your home security is not only for the safety of your valuables. We want to keep you and your loved […]

Hinge Replacement for UPVC Windows in Hove

LBP Locksmiths supplied and fitted two sets of hinges today on a set of UPVC windows in Hove. The existing hinges were extremely damaged due to sea salt corrosion. LBP used a specialist die grinder tool to remove the corroded hinges and install the new hinges. LBP Locksmiths Brighton can diagnose any issue on your faulty […]

Underground Storage Space Carpentry Job in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths completed a carpentry job in Brighton today for a customer based in Roedean. The underground storage space held the pump equipment for the pond. Unfortunately, the old flooring and access traps had rotted away and collapsed. Out with the old and in with the new! Here are the before and after pics showing […]

New Motion-Activated Security Light in Hove

LBP Locksmiths supplied and fitted a new motion-activated security light in Hove. Making sure your home is secured while you’re away or asleep is crucial. We all want a safe, secure home. Just call us and we can arrange our professional team to come to your home or business and do a full check on […]

Locks Supplied and Fitted in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths Brighton supplied and fitted high-quality locks. Yale X5 British Standard Rim Cylinder Yale 85 Polished Chrome Nightlatch Union British Standard 3G114E Deadlock High-security garage defender ERA half oval cylinder with seven keys Keeping your home and property secure shouldn’t be expensive. LBP offers professional, low-cost locksmith services in and around Brighton. No VAT, […]

50-Point Inspection: The Best Locksmiths in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths Brighton has been selected as one of the three best-rated locksmiths in Brighton by the Three Best Rated UK. Three Best Rated UK picks the best local businesses using their 50-Point Inspection, displays verified businesses on their website and updates it regularly. They help around 3 million customers per month to find the […]

Emergency Call out for a Communal Doorway

LBP Locksmiths attended an emergency call out due to vandalism of a lock on a communal doorway. Our team went to the site within 45 minutes of the initial call. We assessed the damage to the door and carried out the necessary repairs. Unfortunately, the vandal had also taken the lock barrel. LBP supplied and […]

Locksmith Reviewed

LBP was positioned number 1 on the Locksmiths Reviewed blog article. The 9 Best Locksmiths in Brighton to Unlock Any Situation Image Credits: Kerstin Riemir on Pixabay

Emergency Call out in Hove

A broken window caused by a drunken resident at a communal block of flats in Hove. LBP Locksmiths were called out to board up and make safe the broken glass. We carry the necessary tools and wood in order to respond to emergencies such as this throughout the city. Got an emergency situation in your […]

Door and Lock Repair in Central Brighton

LBP Locksmiths were called to repair a door and lock damage following a burglary in Central Brighton. We assessed the damage and made the appropriate repairs. The intruder had kicked the door which broke the lock and bent the latch on the Yale BS1. We replaced it with British Standard BS1 nightlatch. We also refitted […]

Key-operated Door Bolts Installation in Hove

LBP Locksmiths Brighton attended to a property in Adelaide Crescent in Hove. We were asked to install additional key-operated door bolts to two sets of Wooden French doors. This was to bolster the security of the existing locking mechanism already installed on the doors.  LBP Locksmiths supplied and fitted eight Yale multi-purpose door bolts with […]

High-security Locking Unit in Central Brighton

A high-security Mul-T-Lock for a secured locking unit in Central Brighton required attention from LBP Locksmiths. LBP Locksmiths provides the best solutions for lock and security issues. Contact us for lock upgrades, lock installation, lock replacements and more.

Codelocks Mechanical Push Button Lock in Central Brighton

LBP Locksmiths supplied and fitted a Codelocks mechanical push button lock in Central Brighton this week for high-security and heavy duty control solution. Need to install or replace a faulty lock? Improve your safety and contact LBP Locksmiths today.

Lock Barrell Replacement in Central Brighton

A high-security Mul-T-Lock barrel replaced in Central Brighton by LBP Locksmiths. Don’t wait until your keys are lost or the lock is broken. Contact us if you need lock replacements that meet the British Standard insurance criteria. We are here to help you for lock upgrade, installation, or anything related to lock and security of […]

Lock Upgrade in Sillwood Road Hove

Before and After photo of the upgraded lock in a property at Sillwood Road Hove. Gareth from LBP Locksmiths upgrading the locks to ensure that the door meets British Standard insurance criteria. LBP Locksmiths supplied and fitted a Yale PBS1 British Standard high-security nightlatch in polished chrome. A Union 3G114E British standard insurance with approved […]

Internal Door Mortice Sash Lock Installation in Hove

Jon from LBP using a specialist mortice jig to mortice out a recess into an internal door to fit a mortice sash lock. This property located in Hove (BN3) had new cream carpets. Dust sheets were placed and foot covers were worn to adequately protect and prevent any possible damage on the customers’ new carpet. […]

Emergency Door Lock Replacement West Street Brighton

The before and after image of an emergency lock replacement LBP had an emergency weekend callout to secure a communal front door in West Street, Brighton. The door had been broken in during the night and left partially attached. As expected, the door lock was broken and the door was smashed off its upper hinge.  […]

Damaged Lock Repair in West Sussex Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a property in lancing, West Sussex. The customer had an issue with his sliding door which wouldn’t unlock. LBP locksmiths Brighton non-destructively opened the lock and assessed the situation. It turned out the mechanism had become stuck and once freed, lubricated and tested several times, worked perfectly fine. We […]

Lock Upgrade to Meet British Standards in Brighton

Before and after, LBP locksmiths Brighton were contacted by a customer who wished to upgrade their lock for security and insurance purposes. Our customer was advised by their insurance company that the lock in the front door must meet current British standards BS3621:2007. The existing lock was dated and didn’t meet current standards. LBP locksmiths […]

Sash Lock Repair in Hollingdean Brighton

LBP locksmith Brighton was called to a property in the Hollingdean area of Brighton. A section of the key had snapped off in a mortice sash lock. We opened the lock non-destructively and proceeded to investigate why this happened and if the lock was repairable. Our findings were that the door was slightly warped and […]

When landlords should change their locks

To stay legal and conform with an AST rental agreement landlords must make lock changes at the right time. A rental property is at a higher risk of a break in. There maybe multiple copies of keys for each lock. Its important to maintain security with quality locks and door fittings. However its illegal to […]

Break-in Prevented with High Security Lock in Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a customer in central Brighton following an attempted break in. LBP locksmiths Brighton had previously installed a Gege 3 star British standard euro cylinder at the property. The burglars’ attempt to break in failed due to the high security lock. However, due to the method of destructive entry they […]

Car Keys Change in Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called out to a gentleman who had lost his car keys to a Rover 75. The vehicle was parked at the customer’s residence and he urgently needed to get back on the road. After calling around for several quotes, LBP locksmiths Brighton were the most competitive for making new car keys. […]

uPVC Door Lock Change in Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a property near Queen’s Park in Brighton. The customer was having problems with their uPVC door lock. The door would not lock and the mechanism strip was difficult to operate. LBP locksmiths Brighton attended the job and diagnosed the problem to be the gearbox, which operates the mechanism strip. […]

Emergency Car Deadlock in Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to an emergency car deadlock situation in the centre of Brighton. The customer had been food shopping, put her young daughter in the car and loaded the shopping bags in the boot. By accident, the car keys had found their way into a shopping bag and when the boot closed, […]

Weekend Lock Installation in Central Brighton

A couple in central Brighton were in the process of putting their dwelling on Airbnb. However, they were concerned about some of their worldly possessions being accessible to whoever might stay there. After expressing their concerns to LBP Locksmiths Brighton, we advised them on a suitable lock to keep their stuff nice and secure. Due […]

Emergency Lock Replacement Central Hove

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called out to an emergency situation in central Hove. The customer had their keys but the lock would not open. LBP locksmiths Brighton arrived at the property within 30 minutes of their initial call to us. We were able to non-destructively gain entry to the property even though the lock had […]

Restricted Lock Installation in Central Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton installed this high security, Yale euro cylinder on a communal door in central Brighton. The customer required that the keys for the new lock were obtainable only with a special card or code which enables the keys to be duplicated. This type of lock is called “restricted” and there are several options […]

Garage Lock Change Hove Brighton Area

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called out to a property in Hove. The customer had lost the keys to their garage whilst popping to the local shops. Uncertain as to whether anybody retrieved the keys and saw where they lived, they decided it would be best to change the lock for peace of mind. LBP Locksmiths […]

Sash Deadlock Installation Central Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to central Brighton to replace a back door and install a British standard compliant sash deadlock. LBP locksmiths Brighton initially visited the property to take measurements and give a quote. The customer advised us that a few other companies did the same. Why did they choose LBP locksmiths Brighton? We […]

Property Lock Change in Hollingdean Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a property in the Hollingdean area of Brighton as the customer had recently moved into a new house and wanted the locks changed. A property lock change to be done. The customer had obtained five different quotes from other locksmiths, and LBP Locksmith Brighton provided the best one. The […]

Nightlatch Update for Emergency Lock Out Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to an emergency lock out situation in the seven dials area of Brighton. The customer had left their property to pop to the local shops. When they arrived back, they tried to turn the key in the lock but it didn’t work. The keys wouldn’t turn either way in the […]

Deadlock night latch replacement Preston Park

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a property in the Preston Park area of Brighton. The customer reported a fault with their deadlocking nightlatch. Upon arrival it was clear the lock was rather old (circa 20 years) and was beyond repair. Fortunately the lock is still being manufactured and LBP locksmiths Brighton were able to […]

Sash Lock Replacement in Lewes County

LBP locksmiths were called to a job in Lewes where the customer’s sash lock had seized up and the lock didn’t work. LBP locksmiths Brighton were able to open the lock and replace it with a new one on the first visit. Our customer advised us that we gave the most competitive quote over the […]

Deadlock Change and Upgrade in Brighton

A customer in the kemp town area of Brighton recently had her door painted. Unfortunately, the paint was applied so heavily that it seeped through into the internal workings of the lock, making it fail. The lock was the outdated Union 3g114, which doesn’t comply with current British standards. LBP Locksmiths Brighton was able to […]

Lock replacement – Seven 7 Dials Brighton

Customer in the seven dials area of Brighton called LBP Locksmith Brighton to ask for a quote to replace their somewhat weathered lock which had become problematic. Much to our delight, the customer advised us that LBP Locksmith Brighton provided the most competitive price and due to our great reputation they decided to book us […]

Deadlock change for insurance central Brighton house

“After being advised by her insurance company that the existing deadlock on the front door might not meet current British standards, our customer gave LBP Locksmith Brighton a call. We arranged to take a look, free of charge and inform her as whether or not it was British standard compliant. Upon inspection, the lock used […]

Lock Change in Hove Brighton Area

After recently moving to their new home in Hove, our customers wanted their locks changed. The dwelling had previously been rented out for a long period of time to several different tenants. Not knowing how many keys were out there in circulation for their locks, they thought it would be wise to change them. LBP […]

British Standard Deadlock Upgrade

Following a break in over the Christmas period, LBP locksmiths Brighton upgraded a non British standard deadlock to one which has the British standard Kitemark. This type of standard deadlock conforms to BS3621 and is accepted by most insurance companies. It has endured common attack methods and is highly recommended for sufficient security for your […]

LBP Locksmith Awarded as One of the Top 3 Locksmiths in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths is now listed as one of the Top 3 Locksmiths in Brighton by ThreeBestRated.co.uk. Three Best Rated® has given us their big thumbs up for providing consistent high quality services. We thank each and every one of our customers. More and more people have been contacting us to have their locks done not […]

Deadlock Upgrade in Central Hove

We recently performed a deadlock upgrade. A customer in Central Hove was concerned that their current Yale nightlatch on a wooden door wasn’t enough security so they contacted LBP locksmiths Brighton. Initially, we advised them over the phone what their options were and quoted them to supply and fit a British standard deadlock. The customer […]

Emergency Lockout Help in Brighton

LBP locksmith Brighton attended an emergency lockout help situation in Shoreham-by-Sea. It was after 19:00 and the customers key had snapped in her lock. LBP locksmiths Brighton arrived at the property and removed the piece of broken key quickly and efficiently. Our locksmiths at LBP locksmiths Brighton cover emergency and non emergency call outs all […]

Problem Lock Replacement in Brighton

There was a problem lock replacement in Brighton by LBP locksmith. We attended a job close to the five ways area of Brighton. The customers had a problematic lock on their back doors which leads out to their garden. The only key for the lock had snapped off inside it. LBP locksmith Brighton were able […]

Best Price Cylinder Lock Installation in Brighton

LBP locksmith Brighton recently performed a restricted cylinder installation for the best price. We installed a restricted rim cylinder on a flat in central Brighton. The customers wanted a restricted cylinder put on their door so when they let people stay there via air B and B they can rest assured that no one can […]

UPVC Door Lock Change in Brighton

LBP locksmith Brighton were called to a property in the Moulsecoomb area of Brighton for 2x UPVC door lock change. The customer wanted the locks changed as a tenant had recently moved out without returning the keys. LBP locksmith Brighton attended the job within an hour of the customer’s call and completed the job there […]