Carpentry in Brighton & Hove

LBP Locksmiths Brighton have qualified, competent carpenters with over twenty years’ experience. The skills of a carpenter and a locksmith sometimes go hand in hand. For example, during the changing of the seasons we receive many calls where customers’ wooden doors have shrunk or expanded and need adjusting in order for them to operate as smoothly as they should. When a ‘warped’ wooden door is quite severe it can place strain on the working locks and cause them to play up or become hard to use. In fact it’s a common cause of broken keys in locks. Any wooden door issues can be dealt with by our skilled carpenters.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have suffered a break in, whether from a broken window or the door being forced open, our carpenters can board up, repair and replace whatever is necessary. The level of craftsmanship is of an extremely high standard to the extent where you wouldn’t know your woodwork had ever been damaged.

Our carpenters don’t just deal with wooden doors. Our capabilities are endless, and we can efficiently work to our customers requirements. So, if you want bespoke wardrobes, shelving, a kitchen fitted, doors hung, a mirror made, a fireplace installed, pipes boxed in, your van racked out or anything involving wood get in touch with our friendly carpentry team in Brighton today.

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