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Environmental Policy

Repair / Recycle / Reuse

Lock repair

LBP Locksmiths Brighton will offer a lock repair service where possible providing the required level of security can be attained. This minimises the waste and recycling of old locks, mechanisms, handles and accessories. LBP has the depth of knowledge to supply and fit the required parts or kits to get locks to function securely and properly. .

disassembled lock spare parts


Licenced waste management

Metal, plastic (UPVC) and wood parts are separated. We have recycling boxes for metals collected on a monthly basis by a scrap metal company. We employ the R J Waste & recycling service for glass, doors and windows. Metal parts are divided into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Aluminium is separated as valuable due to lightweight strength. UPVC is actually highly recyclable. Unrepairable broken UPVC doors & windows are collected and then shredded into smaller pieces, colour sorted and pelletised which is then used to mould new parts many times over*.

LBP recycles cardboard and plastic packaging that can be identified with a recycling symbol. We also restrict our range for locksmith work to around 8 miles which in turn limits fuel usage and reduces carbon footprint.

Sustainable lock solution

We advise high quality lock choice

If something lasts twice as long then it saves money over a longer period of time and therefore reduces waste and the energy required to recycle. Depending on location and usage we advise selection of performance locks and parts that have been well designed and manufactured with higher grade materials.

Environmentally acceptable lubricant

Lubricants can find their way into the water system and earth. Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) are used in the marine industry and currently forms part of US marine law they are defined as biodegradable, non-bioaccumulative and minimally harmful for aquatic areas.


*According to VEKA the largest uPVC recycling company in the UK, uPVC used in doors and windows can actually be recycled up to X 10 times. So the original material can reach an estimated 300 years of usage.

Example repair jobs

Door and Lock Repair in Central Brighton

LBP Locksmiths were called to repair a door and lock damage following a burglary in Central Brighton. We assessed the damage and made the appropriate repairs. The intruder had kicked the door which broke the lock and bent the latch on the Yale BS1. We replaced it with British Standard BS1 nightlatch. We also refitted […]

Emergency Door Lock Replacement West Street Brighton

The before and after image of an emergency lock replacement LBP had an emergency weekend callout to secure a communal front door in West Street, Brighton. The door had been broken in during the night and left partially attached. As expected, the door lock was broken and the door was smashed off its upper hinge.  […]

Emergency lock repair Namul Gardner Street Brighton

Emergency Lock repair Gardner Street in central Brighton The Union detainer lock had seized up and couldn’t be operated. LBP Locksmiths Brighton were called out on an emergency lock repair job. LBP took the detainer apart in order to determine where the problem was. After cleaning and reassembling all the components it became clear the […]

lock repair destructive entry hove

LBP Locksmiths Brighton attended an address in Hove today to make a lock repair where the customer had unfortunately been broken into. They gained entry by busting the handles and snapping the locks out of the door. This method of destructive entry is becoming more and more common with criminals. It’s relatively quiet and shockingly […]

Last updated: 5th May 2023


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Useful Website Pages

R J Waste – Our licenced waste carrier supplier in Brighton.

VEKA – Large uPVC recycling company. Lifecycle information page.

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