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Non destructive lock entry

What is non-destructive lock entry?

non-destructive lock entry LBP locksmith

non-destructive lock entry LBP Locksmith

Non-destructive lock entry is where the lock and door are not harmed or damaged in any way. We will always do our best to carry this practice out.

Each of the non-destructive lock entry tools we have are different and work in different ways to decode or pick the specific lock we need to open.

The non-destructive lock entry individual kits for each lock are very expensive and delicate. For most brands and models of lock there are different kits.

LBP Locksmiths Brighton continue to test ourselves frequently by opening high security, British Standard locks in our locksmith workshop and even at home. This is so we feel confident and competent in what we do. However, some locks simply do not have decoding kits or picks on the market, when this is the case the locks will need to be drilled into in order to open them and gain entry to your home or premises. Destructive lock entry is always a last resort but also very necessary sometimes in order to open the lock. The small drill holes are always made to look cosmetically as best as we can.

We attended a non destructive training course in 2022

non destructive lock pick tools
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