UPVC Door & Window Locks

UPVC lock repair and replacement

When working with uPVC door locks and uPVC window locks, LBP Locksmiths Brighton will happily repair or replace your locks, should they stop working or become faulty.

If your door will not lock while it’s in the open position, chances are the locking mechanism or gearbox has failed; when this occurs, a new locking mechanism or gearbox is required. LBP Locksmiths Brighton can supply and fit new mechanisms and gearboxes at the best prices.

uPVC lock replacement

uPVC lock and handle replacement


Free security checks for older uPVC mechanisms

Most modern uPVC doors have a multi-locking mechanism. When the first multi-locking systems were placed on the market, they were relatively ineffective and easy to bypass, but shortly after, newer, more effective models supplanted the initial inadequate models. LBP Locksmiths Brighton can come to your home free of charge and see if your uPVC door locks are up to the job of keeping your home secure. We offer a free, no obligation visit to discuss security upgrades with you. Call LBP Locksmiths Brighton today and speak to one of our friendly experts.

UPVC door repairs

LBP Locksmiths Brighton can diagnose issues on uPVC doors on the first visit. If you can not lock your uPVC door while it remains closed, but you can when the door is open, then the door may benefit from realignment. Because uPVC doors are so durable and heavy, they have been known to drop off and away from the hinges, which causes the mechanism to become far too low to lock to its perspective guides. If this should occur, the door will require the proper adjustment, so that the locking points can find their way back into the proper place.

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UPVC window repairs

We repair, replace and install complete uPVC windows, locks, mechanisms, hinges and locks. We also fit child safety restraints.

Specialist Builder

We now have a builder on our team who is a specialist in uPVC. We can complete big jobs like complete door replacement as well as handles, letterboxes and glass including double glazing.