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Locksmith Lock Glossary

At LBP Locksmith Brighton we will always try to make our communications with you as simple as possible. If we happen to use terminology you don’t recognise please don’t hesitate to question what we’re referring to. We have also taken the time to compile this glossary for you to look through in your own time on our website. LBP Locksmith Brighton hasn’t listed every single lock related word, just the less common and most important ones.

A = Avocet ABS – Are a lock manufacturer. They make high security, restricted euro and rim cylinders.

Access control – Is generally used in commercial premises; locking systems that are opened via, codes, biometric and intercoms.

B = British Standard marking (BS3621) means the lock meets the required criteria and withstands manipulation.

Barrel – Is a cylinder, typically rim (Yale type) or euro

C = Cylinder – Is a pin type lock operated by a key, this then controls a mechanism or a night latch.

Curtain – Is found in mortice locks, also known as bolt thrower. They help protect the lock from being picked.

D = Digital lock – Is a lock operated by a set of numbers, frequently used in commercial premises to reduce the need for sets of keys and codes can be changed rather than locks when employees leave.

Deadlock – Is a lever operated lock, commonly referred to as a Chubb or mortice lock.

De-coding kit – Is a kit which enables the locksmith to open a mortice lock non-destructively

Destructive entry – Isn’t as harsh as it sounds, don’t worry we will never smash glass or kick down doors! Sometimes we may have to drill out the lock in order to open it though.

E = Euro cylinder – Is a type of lock usually found on UPVC and metal doors. They can also be installed on wooden doors with a euro cylinder operated deadlock.

Escutcheon – Is a cover which screws onto the surface of the door with a keyhole in the middle.

F = Five lever lock – Is a lever type lock with five levers, these can be British standard or not.

Furniture – Cosmetic parts which go with locks. for example, handles, letterboxes and escutcheons.

G = GeGe – Are a lock manufacturer. They make high security cylinders, restricted and non-restricted. They also make multi-point mechanisms and gearboxes.

Gearbox – Is a part of a multi-point mechanism which the euro cylinder and spindle/s are incorporated, all of which work harmoniously to operate the multi-point mechanism.

H = Hoppe – Are manufacturers of a wide range of door handles.

I = I lock it – Are smart manufacturers of keyless bike locks.

J = Jamb – Is the vertical part of a window or door frame, often referred to as the top jamb.

K = KABA – Are a lock manufacturer based in Switzerland. We use this brand for code locks as they provide high quality, reliable products that can handle heavy traffic.

L = Lever lock – Is a lock operated by levers, commonly known as a Chubb or a mortice lock.

M = Mortice lock – Is a lock operated by levers.

Multi-point mechanism – Is the locking strip which runs up the front edge of the door. There are thousands of brands, sizes and locking point variations. They can be fitted on plastic, wooden and metal doors.

Master key systems – One key operates several locks.

N = Non-destructive entry – Gaining entry without causing damage to the locks by performing a by-pass method.

Night latch – Commonly referred to as a Yale lock. It allows the latch to be withdrawn or opened by key from the outside and handle/knob from the inside.

O = Over lifting – Occurs when the pins or levers are lifted too much when trying to pick a lock.

One sided lock – Fairly self-explanatory, can only be operated from one side, on a cabinet for example.

P = Picking – Opening a lock by picking it

Pins – Are found in cylinder locks, they prevent the plug from being turned unless the correct key is inserted which then lifts the pins to the correct height allowing the plug to turn and open the lock.

Q = Quality locksmith service – Call LBP Locksmith Brighton

R = Restricted lock – Is a lock where the key which opens it can only be duplicated with the correct card/number or by the suppliers themselves. If you’re renting out a property it allows you to have peace of mind by knowing how many keys are in circulation.

S = Split spindle – Is where the spindle which operates the latch is only effective on one side of the door.

Spindle – Operates the latch when the handle is activated.

Sash lock – Is a type of mortice lock where a latch bolt is incorporated along with key operated deadbolt.

T = Thumb turner – Usually found on euro cylinder locks allows locking and unlocking from the inside without the use of key.

U = Union – Are a lock manufacturer who took over the household name Chubb, Assa Abloy owns Union.

V = Verification – Before we can gain entry to a property we have to see proof that you own the property or have permission from the landlord/lady. We will need to see photographic identification along with recent bills; if you can’t provide this we can’t help you.

W = Wink Haus – Are manufacturers of multi-point mechanisms.

Wards – Are fixed obstructions inside a lock case to stop the use of the wrong key.

X =

Y = Yale – Are probably the most commonly known lock manufacturers in the world. They make cylinders, mechanisms, mortice locks, padlocks and much, much more.

Z =

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