Window Board Up in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths went into central Brighton to board up a building with a broken window. After measurement, we cut the board onsite and installed it immediately, ensuring a precise fit.

Boarding up broken windows is important in both occupied and abandoned buildings if a repair is not possible in the present. It secures your property from squatters, trespassers and vandals, and protects the interior of the building from the weather. If your broken windows are awaiting repair, we recommend you board your windows as quickly as possible, especially if there’s impending bad weather.

LBP Locksmiths are experts in window glass repairs, installing UPVC windows, and additional security features.

If you need professionals to board up a broken window or repair and install a new one, if you have a break in or burglary contact LBP Locksmiths and we’ll respond to you very promptly.

board measurement for windows board up

window repair board up

Euro Deadlock Installation in Brighton

anti-drill and anti-snap euro lock

LBP Locksmiths were contacted for a Euro deadlock installation in Brighton. We installed a high-security Euro-operated deadlock with anti-snap and anti-barrel features, to provide a secure home door lock for the homeowners.

How do burglars get past standard locks? Lock snapping and lock drilling are two of the common break-in methods for doors with a Euro cylinder lock.

Lock snapping – The intruder attempts to break off the weakest point of the Euro cylinder barrel (near the securing screw hole) in order to access the multipoint locking unit and unlock the door. Burglars commonly remove the snapped lock to expose the internal mechanism of the multi point locking unit, burglars often snap the cylinder with mole grips. Once they have gained access to the lock mechanism, they will manipulate the multi point locking mechanism centre case to gain entry.

Lock drilling – The intruder will drill on the area below the shear line with the intention of destroying the brass pins, this allows the plug (also known as a core) to rotate freely. The intruder will then simply turn the locks plug which operates the locking mechanism with a tool as simple as a screwdriver, this unlocks the door.

A British standard 3 star Euro-deadlock is a strong front door lock with anti-snap and anti-drill features. Upgrade your locks and have a good night’s sleep knowing your home or place of business is secured from intruders.

LBP Locksmiths supply and fit both 1 star and 3 star British standard insurance approved high-security locks for residential and commercial installations. Contact us now!

anti-drill and anti-snap euro lock

euro cylinder lock

Room Lock Fitting in Hove

deadbolt lock

LBP Locksmiths were called for a room lock fitting in Hove. We supplied and fitted a freshfit Union 5 lever British standard deadlock.

This lock has the following features:

  • suitable for timber doors
  • has an extended 22mm deadbolt for a more secure deadlock and resistance against attack
  • securely locks and can only be opened from either side with a key
  • anti-pick and anti-saw

This is a 5-lever deadlock tested to BS 3621:2007 (British Standards). Locks tested to BS 3621 are approved by UK Insurance companies because they have passed the minimum security requirements and are strong enough to secure a property.

Insurance-approved locks have the British Standard Kitemark and British Standard number engraved on the faceplate of the lock.

Does your insurance cover your door locks? Upgrade BS locks for better security and potentially lower your home insurance payments*. Contact us today and you will get a fast response.

*LBP Locksmiths Brighton cannot guarantee lower insurance premiums. You should first contact your home insurance company.


deadbolt lock

deadbolt with British Standard Kitemark

Office Complex Lock Refit with 57 Keys Cut – Brighton

barrel cylinder lock

LBP locksmiths supplied and fitted three premium ISEO barrel locks in an office complex in Brighton. The two barrels were keyed alike while the other barrel was keyed to differ. 

We also cut and tested 57 keys on the spot for the employees– 15 for the middle lock and 42 keyed-alikes.

ISEO is an Italian brand known for high-quality locks and cylinders. These F5 cylinders are manufactured to the DIN EN 1303:2015 standard and MPA tested. The cylinder has a bitting system and counter-pins. The brass mushroom-shaped counter pins secure doors from basic attacks like picking, drilling, and manipulation. 

Easy to use, durable and reliable, this makes a suitable lock to secure offices.

For multiple office unit locks, contact LBP locksmiths.


cylinder turn

cylinder lock

barrel cylinder

barrel door

three barrel cylinders

Flat Door Emergency Repair & Replacement

Flat doors have to withstand a lot of pressure. They keep us safe from any weather whatever the season is. We also get the assurance that our loved ones and property are safe. 

But a door’s quality depreciates over time. And this may call for a replacement door.

Here’s a broken flat door. It was kicked. We made an emergency repair with hasps, staples and a 60mm padlock. The door is due to be replaced shortly.

How’s secure is the front door to your flat or office? You might need a replacement door if you’re already experiencing any of these:

  • Opening or locking the door is difficult.
  • A broken door may lead to security issues.
  • You see cracks

LBP Locksmith repair or replace front doors for your flat, house or office. The doors can be traditional wood or UPVC. We can custom fit locks. Contact us now!


When landlords should change their locks

when should landlords change the locks

To stay legal and conform with an AST rental agreement landlords must make lock changes at the right time. A rental property is at a higher risk of a break in. There maybe multiple copies of keys for each lock. Its important to maintain security with quality locks and door fittings. However its illegal to change the locks to prevent a tenant from entering a rental property in the case of rent arrears or other breaches of contract and can deemed as harassment. If there are internal door locks on rooms, the property maybe classed as an HMO a house of multiple occupancy.


  • Tenants and landlords should sign agreements that ensure “habitability,” which includes provisions for locks.
  • The lease or rental agreement should list how many keys the landlord gave the renters when they moved in.
  • A landlord can lawfully hold a set of keys for example in the event of an emergency they may need to gain access to make a repair. More Landlords Guild post
  • A landlord must give 24 hours’ notice and visit at a reasonable time of day, unless it’s an emergency and they need immediate access. More

Locks and keys in relation to rental property

Moving in

Even if tenants return all keys to the landlord, there’s no way of knowing if there are copies. The only way to ensure a rental is secure for the new tenants is by changing the locks.

Tenants should not expect the keys until their landlord has collected a deposit.

Since landlords are responsible for the security of the property, they should change the locks between every set of tenants.

Landlords can install “smart key” technology, allowing a re-key easily.

Tenant make copies of the key

Tenants should talk to the landlord first. It depends on the rental contract. If tenants make copies anyway, they are in breach of the contract.

Moving out

If a tenant move out, they should give  the landlord the exact keys they received during move-in.

Lock change by the tenant

The tenant has the right to change the locks unless it is prohibited in the Rental Contract. Landlords can ask the tenant to change the locks back.

Lock change by the landlord for no reason

Even if a tenant failed to pay rent or destroyed the property, landlords do not have the right to lock tenants out of their place of residence.

Changing the locks without a proper eviction procedure is illegal. Tenants can file a litigation case against the landlord, and they can be awarded a wide range of costs associated with the lock out. More: Guide to unlawful eviction and harassment (UK Gov)

In summary

Locks and keys are an important part of keeping a home safe. LBP are specialists in lock change for Landlords in Brighton with 100’s of good reviews. Please note this post is not written by a specialist property lawyer. You should not use this as a basis for a legal decision. We have researched the governments website on relevant issues and the Guild of Landlords for latest posts. Laws evolve and not every case is the same.

Broken key in lock prevention – LBP Brighton Locksmiths

Brighton Locksmith | Broken Key

We regularly receive call outs in Brighton for broken keys which have become lodged inside a lock. This can effect both doors inside and internally. In the case of an external door you can be locked out causing inconvenience or even loss of business. One of our main locksmith skills is to extract the remaining blade inside the lock.

If your a homeowner or your responsible for business premises, there are a few simple preventitive solutions to avoid the broken key issue.

1. Spray a lubricant such as WD40 into the lock mechanism every four months to keep the metal on metal proving parts from being resistant to each other. This takes just take a minute.

2. Check the door is hinged in the frame properly. Check that the screws have not become loose.

Should you experience the broken key issue call Brighton Locksmiths and you will get a quick response, fair price and great service.

Points to consider when choosing a locksmith

Brighton Locksmith | Choose a Locksmith

Choosing the right locksmith to do a good job can be difficult. There are many things you should ask the locksmith or find out yourself before booking them to come out and complete the work you need doing.

Seeing as the locksmith industry in the UK isn’t regulated, anyone can claim to be a locksmith. Whether they’re competent and trained properly to be a locksmith is something that you should assess.

You might call upon a locksmith for many different reasons, for example… You’re locked out of your home, you want a lock repaired or serviced, you need a lock replaced, you need a lock upgrading, you’re locked inside your home, your keys are locked inside your vehicle.

A locksmith will often provide you with new keys or gain entry to your home, personally. So its very important to make background checks on the individual.

Here is a few things to establish about your locksmith before booking them…

  1. Does the locksmith hold any training certificates?
    There are several associations such as the Master Locksmith Association that provide training and certification.
  2. Does the locksmith hold a DBS/CRB certificate?
    Criminal Records Bureau ( CRB ) checks are now called Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS ) checks. You may need to check someone’s criminal record if they apply: for certain jobs or voluntary work
  3. How long has the locksmith been in the industry?
    Experience counts for alot in this industry.
  4. Does the locksmith provide an address?
    The locksmith should provide a business/home address
  5. When you call them, does a locksmith answer or someone in a call centre?
    There are many call centres that deal with sales and marketing. Going via one of these phone numbers can result paying more for the service.
  6. What rates will the locksmith charge you?
    Here are some questions you can ask: Does the locksmith charge by the hour? Is there VAT? Is there a call out fee? Is there any sundries to be added on top of your bill?
  7. Is the locksmith a member of an association like check a trade?
    Such an organisation can report its members in case of bad workmanship and this will marked online for any visitor to check. is a trusted website which will give you the idea of the quality of the workmanship

About LBP Locksmith Brighton

LBP Locksmith Brighton hold training certificates. We are DBS/CRB checked. LBP Locksmith Brighton has been in the locksmith industry for over ten years. LBP Locksmith Brighton doesn’t employ any call centre staff. You will always speak with a locksmith. LBP Locksmith Brighton charge the some of the lowest rates in Brighton, we don’t charge by the hour, there’s no VAT, there’s no call out fee and there’s certainly no sundries added to the bill.

LBP Locksmith Brighton are members of CheckATrade (currently with 312 genuine reviews to this date 21/4/16) We are also members of the prestigious Trading Standards, buy with confidence scheme Brighton and Hove.

LBP Locksmith Brighton are proud of our genuine (28 to this date 21/4/16) reviews on Google and 312 on CheckATrade.

We hope this helps when choosing your locksmith Brighton

Property security – lock snapping, bumping or cylinder snapping protection

Brighton Locksmith | Property Security Anti Lock Snapping - Correct

What is lock snapping?

For property security lock snapping, cylinder snapping or even lock bumping should be checked. It applies to euro cylinder locks, most commonly found on UPVC doors, they’re also found on composite and aluminium doors. The locks are in wide use on domestic and commercial properties.

Our UPVC locksmith service

The process of snapping a lock, which allows access is; frighteningly fast, quiet and used by sophisticated burglars. Lock snapping is becoming more and more common with break-ins in Brighton and all over Great Britain.

The vast majority of euro cylinder locks have a major weakness. This weakness allows the lock to be literally snapped in half, once this process has taken place the door can be opened with jaw dropping ease. You might think the multi-point mechanism on your door is very secure… Well, it’s only as secure as the cylinder which operates it.

Property security lock snapping protection

The only answer LBP Locksmiths Brighton can give to this is; have anti-snap locks fitted to your door!

Having the correct size euro cylinder (where it’s not protruding past the handle) will make the burglars attempt more difficult. However, the handles can be removed from the equation allowing full access to the euro cylinder and therefore sanctioning the process of lock snapping. Even if the cylinder protrudes by a mere 3mm the lock can be quickly snapped without touching the handles.

The only way of stopping this action is by having anti-snap locks fitted to the door. The burglar may well break the handles, but they’ll quickly realise you were smart enough to have anti-snap locks fitted. With their attempt foiled they’ll have no choice but to scarper… Don’t make it easy for the burglar; contact LBP Locksmiths Brighton today for a free quotation for supplying and fitting anti-snap locks.

Correct position – Eurocyclinder antisnap lock


correct position

Eurocylinder lock – unsecure


Incorrect – unsecure lock

Anti-snap lock options;

Best option: Sold Secure diamond approved cylinder SS312.
Second best option: Three star kite mark cylinder.
Third best option: A one star kite mark cylinder used with two star kite mark door handles.

more on lock snapping MLA

LBP Locksmiths Brighton understands the importance of having the correct locks in order to secure your home properly. It won’t cost you a fortune. In fact LBP Locksmiths Brighton frequently run deals on anti-snap lock installations. Call us and mention; anti-snap2016LBP and we guarantee to offer you a discounted deal.

Replace Yale lock or Night Latch door lock advice

Brighton Locksmith | Yale Lock Night Latch -Replace/Buy
yale lock night latch replace buy

yale lock night latch




Replacing a Yale Lock Night Latch

To replace a Yale Lock we suggest you read some information about the Night Latch Lock from LBP Locksmiths Brighton… The Night Latch is commonly known as a Yale Lock, the Nightlatch is found on most wooden doors across the country. The lock itself is a latch type lock (hence the name) which automatically latches when the door shuts; so make sure you grab your keys or you’ll get locked out!

How a Yale Lock / Night Latch works

The Yale Lock can be retracted from the inside using the lever/handle/knob and from the outside with the correct key. The majority of lock styles come with a snib knob which allows you to deadlock the latch or hold back the latch if you’re taking the rubbish out for example. A warning from LBP Locksmiths Brighton; Beware, if you deadlock the latch from the inside the key will not work from the outside. This is why the snib knob should always be de-activated on communal doors, yet LBP Locksmiths Brighton still see’s communal doors where it’s been left active. On occasion LBP Locksmiths Brighton has been called to properties where the door has been slammed and the snib knob has dropped down by itself, making the key on the outside useless. So if this were to happen on a communal door people wouldn’t be able to gain access to the building.

Buying a Yale Lock / Night Latch

The Nightlatch comes in many styles and types. Some can offer a high level of security and some can be very easily by-passed. The higher security versions are generally the British Standard editions which come with anti-pick, anti-saw and anti-drill features. The packaging on the higher security models should have BS 3621:2007 on them. If you’re stuck or unsure, please call, email or send pictures and LBP Locksmiths Brighton will be more than happy to provide advice on which Yale Lock / Nightlatch is best suited to your property and budget.

Check out LBP Locksmiths Brighton advice on wooden door locks