Flat Door Emergency Repair & Replacement

Flat doors have to withstand a lot of pressure. They keep us safe from any weather whatever the season is. We also get the assurance that our loved ones and property are safe. 

But a door’s quality depreciates over time. And this may call for a replacement door.

Here’s a broken flat door. It was kicked. We made an emergency repair with hasps, staples and a 60mm padlock. The door is due to be replaced shortly.

How’s secure is the front door to your flat or office? You might need a replacement door if you’re already experiencing any of these:

  • Opening or locking the door is difficult.
  • A broken door may lead to security issues.
  • You see cracks

LBP Locksmith repair or replace front doors for your flat, house or office. The doors can be traditional wood or UPVC. We can custom fit locks. Contact us now!


UPVC Window Maintenance Hove

Yes, UPVC windows are long-lasting and they keep you comfortable. But you need to maintain them from time to time to enjoy its benefits.

Here’s another UPVC window repair in Hove. We removed the entire window, the broken espag, and old handle. Then, we refitted the window to make sure it lines up flush with the frame, creates a good seal and opens and closes perfectly.

If you have a UPVC window in your home or office, check the following: 

  • Espag and Handle. You want your locks tight and easy to unlock. Keep your children safe with child restraints and property secure. 
  • Hinges. Make sure your windows are easy to close and open for whichever type of weather we get, day or night.

LBP Locksmith keeps your UPVC windows in place. Contact us now!



UPVC Window Repair Brighton

upvc window hinge repair

A UPVC Window Repair job for LBP. Customer reported a problem the window would not open. Upon inspection the hinge was broken. The window was removed carefully and the hinge was replaced. Windows can seize and get stuck especially in winter time. If the hinge is badly corroded or broken then we can put a replacement in easily and quickly. Thank you for the coffee.

upvc window hinge repair