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Why Choose LBP Locksmith Brighton

Why us?

Why choose LBP Locksmith Brighton

LBP Locksmith Brighton are a local, Brighton based locksmith company. Many ‘locksmiths’ across the internet and the yellow pages are national companies who advertise themselves as being local. These national companies have sub-contractors working for them all over the country including Brighton.

Here’s a bit of inside information about these so called ‘local’ companies;  For starters their hourly rates are extortionate, as is their pricing for replacement locks, then they put VAT and sundries on the top, leaving customers with a huge bill that’s quite frankly immoral.

How do we know this? Well, it’s not something we’re proud of but, LBP Locksmith Brighton used to carry out jobs for these national companies, as their sub-contractors. However, the working relationship was fairly short lived. LBP Locksmith Brighton reasons were as follows; Their calling staff, based somewhere up north would give us a job description of say, a lock change for example, and when we arrived at the job it was something totally different (very frustrating). They would always encourage us to replace locks and charge a lot for them rather than repair, even when a repair could easily of been carried out. Finally, we realised just how little they care for their customers, all they cared about was how much money they were making. LBP Locksmiths Brighton have more integrity than most so we ended the working relationship with the national firms.

LBP Locksmith Brighton are different. We pride ourselves on being affordable, decent, qualified, punctual, reliable and local. LBP Locksmith Brighton will happily diagnose problems and give quotes in person or over the phone. LBP Locksmith Brighton emergency rates and normal hour rates are cheap in comparison to other locksmith in Brighton. LBP Locksmith Brighton customers are never under any obligation to accept our quotes and never feel pressured by us in anyway.

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