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LBP Locksmiths installed a digital push-button lock in Brighton. We supplied a mechanical keypad lock CL155SG, from Codelocks, with a mortice latch for the wooden door.

Perfect for light-duty security in commercial offices & shops, you can change your codes with the instructions provided. It’s easy to use and has a front and dual backplate that allows hold open or non-hold open.

With keypad locks, you can enter the building or room with no keys. You just need to enter the correct code and the mortice lock is released.

Code locks have benefits compared to locks that require keys.

  • Going keyless. You don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys.
  • Temporary codes for incoming guests and visitors.
  • Enhanced security. Code locks can’t be picked since they don’t have cylinder mechanisms, unlike other locks.

If you want to secure your building with coded door locks, LBP locksmiths can help fit or fix it very quickly. Contact us for a quick response.

mechanical coded lock

Codelocks mechanical code lock


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