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LBP Locksmiths attended an emergency lock-in one Friday morning. The tenant was trapped inside their property due to a mechanical failure of a rusted Chubb lock.

With years of experience and skill, we were able to carefully manipulate the lock open without causing damage to the door. After removing the lock, we inspected the lock assembly to discover extensive corrosion on the inside which caused th internal parts to jam.

LBP supplied and fitted a new insurance-approved British Standard 5 lever deadlock. We tested the door and lock to ensure that it was operating smoothly.

Getting locked in a property can rather be scary. Here are some basic points if you find yourself in this situation

Don’t panic. Take some breaths and think about how to resolve the problem.
Staying calm will certainly help.

1. Check for possible exits. Look for other doors, windows or spaces you can safely access for exit.

2Try to unlock the door by bumping or dislodging the lock. If you have a common locking system, you can try bumping the lock.

3. Try to remove the handle and use a screwdriver or similar object to try to turn and unlock. You may be able to use a screwdriver to dismantle the lock.

4. Call for help. Grab your phone and call your family or roommates if they have spare keys or you can simply ask them for help. You can also call an emergency locksmith near your area for a more effective solution.

You can call us for emergency lock ins or lock outs, and we will try to use non destructive locksmith techniques first to prevent damage on your door or locks.

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