Euro Deadlock Installation in Brighton

anti-drill and anti-snap euro lock

LBP Locksmiths were contacted for a Euro deadlock installation in Brighton. We installed a high-security Euro-operated deadlock with anti-snap and anti-barrel features, to provide a secure home door lock for the homeowners.

How do burglars get past standard locks? Lock snapping and lock drilling are two of the common break-in methods for doors with a Euro cylinder lock.

Lock snapping – The intruder attempts to break off the weakest point of the Euro cylinder barrel (near the securing screw hole) in order to access the multipoint locking unit and unlock the door. Burglars commonly remove the snapped lock to expose the internal mechanism of the multi point locking unit, burglars often snap the cylinder with mole grips. Once they have gained access to the lock mechanism, they will manipulate the multi point locking mechanism centre case to gain entry.

Lock drilling – The intruder will drill on the area below the shear line with the intention of destroying the brass pins, this allows the plug (also known as a core) to rotate freely. The intruder will then simply turn the locks plug which operates the locking mechanism with a tool as simple as a screwdriver, this unlocks the door.

A British standard 3 star Euro-deadlock is a strong front door lock with anti-snap and anti-drill features. Upgrade your locks and have a good night’s sleep knowing your home or place of business is secured from intruders.

LBP Locksmiths supply and fit both 1 star and 3 star British standard insurance approved high-security locks for residential and commercial installations. Contact us now!

anti-drill and anti-snap euro lock

euro cylinder lock

Author: Jon Robinson