Rusted Lock Change in Hove

union lock

LBP Locksmiths went to a property in Hove to provide a lock replacement service for a rusted front door lock.

We replaced the rusty 2-lever lock and supplied and fitted an Asec British Standards 5 Lever Deadlock. This Asec lock features a high grade steel case with anti-drill plates and keyhole protection for added security. It’s economical and perfect for front door locks. The Asec lock is approved by insurance companies.

When rust accumulates in a lock, it eventually jams shut and becomes hard to open. In a worst case scenario, a key can get stuck and break inside the lock. Rusty locks can be cleaned and serviced but when a door lock becomes too rusty past the point that it hinders its function, a lock will need to be replaced.

Say goodbye to rusty jammed locks and replace them with secure ones that operate smoothly. Contact us for a lock replacement today.


Author: Jon Robinson