50-Point Inspection: The Best Locksmiths in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths Brighton has been selected as one of the three best-rated locksmiths in Brighton by the Three Best Rated UK.

Three Best Rated UK picks the best local businesses using their 50-Point Inspection, displays verified businesses on their website and updates it regularly. They help around 3 million customers per month to find the best services they need in the city.

Experts had a meticulous inspection of locksmith services. The Top 3 locksmiths had undergone the 50-Point Inspection which includes local reviews, operation, history, ratings, satisfaction and overall excellence of a business or service. 

LBP Locksmiths Brighton is a family-run, Domestic and Commercial mobile locksmith service in Brighton and surrounding areas. We went under extensive training from one of the best locksmiths/safe engineers in England and all our work meets the British Standards BS3621:2007 for wooden doors and BSI TS007:2012 for UPVC/metal doors. Our 24-hour operation allows us to respond promptly to lock emergencies

We sell all types of locks, chains, handles, safes, and other related security products. Additionally, LBP Locksmiths doesn’t have a call-out fee and we have inexpensive hourly rates to provide our customers with affordable yet punctual and reliable services. 

With our proven high-quality work and value for money, we can help you with lock-out, lock change, and other security situations. Just contact us for more details and we’ll be delighted to be of service!

Same Day Lock Upgrade in Brighton

Same Day Lock Upgrade | Brighton Locksmith

LBP locksmith Brighton made a same day lock upgrade. We replaced a standard traditional style Yale lock with a much higher security ERA British standard version. The upgraded lock is made to withstand many forms of manipulation and bypass methods. If all you have on your wooden front door is a latch type lock be sure it’s one similar to this. Always look for the British standard kite mark and do your bit to beat the burglars.

LBP locksmith Brighton were able to upgrade this lock in the customers preferred finish of chrome on the same day as their initial call for a quote to complete the job

emergency domestic locksmith broken key

Brighton Locksmith | Emergency Callout



LBP emergency domestic locksmith were called to an emergency domestic situation in the central Brighton. The customers key had broken in the lock and she was unable to go out.

LBP emergency domestic locksmith arrived to the central Brighton address within forty minutes of the initial phone call.

We extracted the piece of broken key the lock was able to be used again. A fast lock repair was carried out and the key replaced. A very happy customer. We pride our locksmith skills to make full repair onsite with low cost to repair lock.

LBP use non destructive locksmith techniques

Property security – lock snapping, bumping or cylinder snapping protection

Brighton Locksmith | Property Security Anti Lock Snapping - Correct

What is lock snapping?

For property security lock snapping, cylinder snapping or even lock bumping should be checked. It applies to euro cylinder locks, most commonly found on UPVC doors, they’re also found on composite and aluminium doors. The locks are in wide use on domestic and commercial properties.

Our UPVC locksmith service

The process of snapping a lock, which allows access is; frighteningly fast, quiet and used by sophisticated burglars. Lock snapping is becoming more and more common with break-ins in Brighton and all over Great Britain.

The vast majority of euro cylinder locks have a major weakness. This weakness allows the lock to be literally snapped in half, once this process has taken place the door can be opened with jaw dropping ease. You might think the multi-point mechanism on your door is very secure… Well, it’s only as secure as the cylinder which operates it.

Property security lock snapping protection

The only answer LBP Locksmiths Brighton can give to this is; have anti-snap locks fitted to your door!

Having the correct size euro cylinder (where it’s not protruding past the handle) will make the burglars attempt more difficult. However, the handles can be removed from the equation allowing full access to the euro cylinder and therefore sanctioning the process of lock snapping. Even if the cylinder protrudes by a mere 3mm the lock can be quickly snapped without touching the handles.

The only way of stopping this action is by having anti-snap locks fitted to the door. The burglar may well break the handles, but they’ll quickly realise you were smart enough to have anti-snap locks fitted. With their attempt foiled they’ll have no choice but to scarper… Don’t make it easy for the burglar; contact LBP Locksmiths Brighton today for a free quotation for supplying and fitting anti-snap locks.

Correct position – Eurocyclinder antisnap lock


correct position

Eurocylinder lock – unsecure


Incorrect – unsecure lock

Anti-snap lock options;

Best option: Sold Secure diamond approved cylinder SS312.
Second best option: Three star kite mark cylinder.
Third best option: A one star kite mark cylinder used with two star kite mark door handles.

more on lock snapping MLA

LBP Locksmiths Brighton understands the importance of having the correct locks in order to secure your home properly. It won’t cost you a fortune. In fact LBP Locksmiths Brighton frequently run deals on anti-snap lock installations. Call us and mention; anti-snap2016LBP and we guarantee to offer you a discounted deal.