Multipoint Lock (MPL) Replacement Rottingdean

LBP locksmiths attended a house in Rottingdean. The customers UPVC door lining had rusted along with the old Multipoint Lock unit (MPL). It took significant effort to remove due to the rust. The new MPL locking unit was fitted and we cleaned up the door with a UPVC cleaner. However, these locks can also depreciate through time. 

Multipoint locks (MPL)  are more secure than standard uPVC locks because there are more than 1 locking points. A typical MPL has one solid deadbolt, paired with a “live” latch and at least two other sturdy bolts. 

Here’s what you need to know about this type of lock:

  • It’s called “multipoint” because it has numerous locking mechanisms. Doors with MPLs are much more secure.
  • MPL’s are recognised by UK insurance companies and may bring down your home insurance premium. The level of security is better for commercial applications like shops and industrial
  • MPL’s can reduce wear and tear of the door hinges as the load is spread across different locking points. 

LBP Locksmiths can repair UPVC doors and locks. Doors can be realigned if the door is failing to close or lock properly. We can even replace the whole door is the damage is irreparable. 


Door and Lock Repair in Central Brighton

LBP Locksmiths were called to repair a door and lock damage following a burglary in Central Brighton. We assessed the damage and made the appropriate repairs.

The intruder had kicked the door which broke the lock and bent the latch on the Yale BS1. We replaced it with British Standard BS1 nightlatch. We also refitted the broken letterbox, repaired the broken wooden door panels, and reattached the missing strike plate for the mortice sash lock.

Pic below: The new Yale BS1 lock after installation
The letterbox refitted to the door with coach bolts:
The old and new Yale BS1 nightlatches. The shorter latch on the damaged lock was a result of the forced entry:
The door repaired and back in good working order again:

Secure your property by installing a lock that passes the British Standards. Contact LBP Locksmiths Brighton for lock upgrades, installation, repair, and more.

Damaged Lock Repair in West Sussex Brighton

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a property in lancing, West Sussex.

The customer had an issue with his sliding door which wouldn’t unlock.

LBP locksmiths Brighton non-destructively opened the lock and assessed the situation. It turned out the mechanism had become stuck and once freed, lubricated and tested several times, worked perfectly fine.

We always provide a service with integrity and we will not replace parts if they don’t need replacing.