Emergency Call out for a Communal Doorway

LBP Locksmiths attended an emergency call out due to vandalism of a lock on a communal doorway. Our team went to the site within 45 minutes of the initial call.

We assessed the damage to the door and carried out the necessary repairs. Unfortunately, the vandal had also taken the lock barrel.

LBP supplied and fitted an identical barrel. We also cut and tested 68 keys on-site to provide them to various tenants.

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uPVC Door Lock Change in Brighton

upvc door lock change lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a property near Queen’s Park in Brighton. The customer was having problems with their uPVC door lock. The door would not lock and the mechanism strip was difficult to operate. LBP locksmiths Brighton attended the job and diagnosed the problem to be the gearbox, which operates the mechanism strip. The gearbox needed to be ordered in and was fitted the next morning, prior to that LBP locksmiths Brighton secured the door with an overnight lock so the customers were safe.

If you find yourself in need of help with your uPVC door, don’t hesitate to contact LBP Locksmiths.

Restricted Lock Installation in Central Brighton

restricted lock installation lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton installed this high security, Yale euro cylinder on a communal door in central Brighton. The customer required that the keys for the new lock were obtainable only with a special card or code which enables the keys to be duplicated. This type of lock is called “restricted” and there are several options and levels of security for them. LBP locksmiths Brighton supplied and fitted this lock, with extra keys for the best price that the customer had received.

If you are interested in a restricted lock for security purposes in your home or office, contact LBP Locksmiths for a quote today.

Garage Lock Change Hove Brighton Area

garage lock change hove brighton lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called out to a property in Hove. The customer had lost the keys to their garage whilst popping to the local shops. Uncertain as to whether anybody retrieved the keys and saw where they lived, they decided it would be best to change the lock for peace of mind. LBP Locksmiths Brighton were able to do a garage lock change on our first visit and for the best price.

Mortice Lock Upgrade Brighton

Brighton Locksmith | Mortice Lock Upgrade - After

LBP locksmith Brighton recently did a mortice lock upgrade. We received an enquiry from a customer who was concerned their existing mortice lock didn’t meet the current British standards. LBP locksmith Brighton were unable to say whether or not the lock met the standards without seeing it, so we arranged to view the lock and give a no obligation quotation to change it if it didn’t meet the standards.

Upon arrival we told the customer their lock didn’t meet the standards. After giving them a price the customers agreed and we upgraded the lock there and then. The customers were very pleased with the communication and workmanship from LBP locksmith Brighton.

Before the job

Mortice Lock Upgrade Brighton

Apartment Lock Replacement Brighton

Apartment Lock Replacement | Brighton Locksmith

LBP locksmith Brighton were called for an apartment lock replacement in the seven dials area of Brighton.

Apartment Lock Replacement Brighton

Apartment Lock Replacement Brighton

The customers had recently purchased a property within the building and very sensibly wanted the locks replaced as they were unsure how many keys were in circulation to their newly acquired dwelling.

LBP locksmith Brighton attended the property at a time which suited the customers later on that day. Both locks were changed efficiently and at the cheapest price the customers received.