Locks Supplied and Fitted in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths Brighton supplied and fitted high-quality locks.

  • Yale X5 British Standard Rim Cylinder
  • Yale 85 Polished Chrome Nightlatch
  • Union British Standard 3G114E Deadlock
  • High-security garage defender
  • ERA half oval cylinder with seven keys

Keeping your home and property secure shouldn’t be expensive. LBP offers professional, low-cost locksmith services in and around Brighton. No VAT, call-out fee and expensive hourly rates to pay. Contact LBP Locksmiths Brighton to install your locks now.

50-Point Inspection: The Best Locksmiths in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths Brighton has been selected as one of the three best-rated locksmiths in Brighton by the Three Best Rated UK.

Three Best Rated UK picks the best local businesses using their 50-Point Inspection, displays verified businesses on their website and updates it regularly. They help around 3 million customers per month to find the best services they need in the city.

Experts had a meticulous inspection of locksmith services. The Top 3 locksmiths had undergone the 50-Point Inspection which includes local reviews, operation, history, ratings, satisfaction and overall excellence of a business or service. 

LBP Locksmiths Brighton is a family-run, Domestic and Commercial mobile locksmith service in Brighton and surrounding areas. We went under extensive training from one of the best locksmiths/safe engineers in England and all our work meets the British Standards BS3621:2007 for wooden doors and BSI TS007:2012 for UPVC/metal doors. Our 24-hour operation allows us to respond promptly to lock emergencies

We sell all types of locks, chains, handles, safes, and other related security products. Additionally, LBP Locksmiths doesn’t have a call-out fee and we have inexpensive hourly rates to provide our customers with affordable yet punctual and reliable services. 

With our proven high-quality work and value for money, we can help you with lock-out, lock change, and other security situations. Just contact us for more details and we’ll be delighted to be of service!

Key-operated Door Bolts Installation in Hove

LBP Locksmiths Brighton attended to a property in Adelaide Crescent in Hove. We were asked to install additional key-operated door bolts to two sets of Wooden French doors. This was to bolster the security of the existing locking mechanism already installed on the doors. 

LBP Locksmiths supplied and fitted eight Yale multi-purpose door bolts with removable keys. The key-operation of the multi-purpose bolts disables potential intruders from releasing the bolts even if they smashed one of the glass panels on the door. 

Solve any of your lock and security problems with LBP Locksmiths Brighton. Contact us today.

Break-in Prevented with High Security Lock in Brighton

break in high security lock lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a customer in central Brighton following an attempted break in. LBP locksmiths Brighton had previously installed a Gege 3 star British standard euro cylinder at the property. The burglars’ attempt to break in failed due to the high security lock.

However, due to the method of destructive entry they attempted, the lock was snapped and became unusable. This is obviously better than the thieves being able to bypass the lock though. LBP locksmiths Brighton requested a replacement cylinder from our supplier and fitted it the following day so the customer was able to keep using the same keys and have the reassurance of a lock which truly stands the test of preventing a break in.

For lock installation that stand the test of time, contact LBP Locksmiths Brighton today.

uPVC Door Lock Change in Brighton

upvc door lock change lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to a property near Queen’s Park in Brighton. The customer was having problems with their uPVC door lock. The door would not lock and the mechanism strip was difficult to operate. LBP locksmiths Brighton attended the job and diagnosed the problem to be the gearbox, which operates the mechanism strip. The gearbox needed to be ordered in and was fitted the next morning, prior to that LBP locksmiths Brighton secured the door with an overnight lock so the customers were safe.

If you find yourself in need of help with your uPVC door, don’t hesitate to contact LBP Locksmiths.

Emergency Car Deadlock in Brighton

emergency car lockout lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to an emergency car deadlock situation in the centre of Brighton. The customer had been food shopping, put her young daughter in the car and loaded the shopping bags in the boot. By accident, the car keys had found their way into a shopping bag and when the boot closed, the car deadlocked.

Understandably the customer was very panicked. Luckily, LBP Locksmiths Brighton arrived on the scene in 25 minutes, picked the lock and saved the day. The customer was so pleased by the time in which we arrived, the skill displayed in non-destructively picking the lock, and the superhero style it was all done in.

Should you find yourself locked out of your car, contact LBP Locksmiths right away.

Weekend Lock Installation in Central Brighton

weekend lock installation lbp locksmith

A couple in central Brighton were in the process of putting their dwelling on Airbnb. However, they were concerned about some of their worldly possessions being accessible to whoever might stay there. After expressing their concerns to LBP Locksmiths Brighton, we advised them on a suitable lock to keep their stuff nice and secure. Due to their work commitments, the lock installation could only be executed on a Sunday. This was no problem for LBP locksmiths Brighton as we are conveniently available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As the image shows, LBP locksmiths Brighton take utmost care and pride in all our work. When you need a weekend lock installation, whether it’s on a Saturday or Sunday, feel free to contact us.

Emergency Lock Replacement Central Hove

emergency lock replacement lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called out to an emergency situation in central Hove. The customer had their keys but the lock would not open. LBP locksmiths Brighton arrived at the property within 30 minutes of their initial call to us. We were able to non-destructively gain entry to the property even though the lock had failed and was in poor condition. Once inside, we removed the faulty lock and fitted a new one. The customer was relieved and very impressed at the skills and workmanship from LBP locksmiths Brighton.

When you find yourself needing an emergency lock replacement, reach out to LBP Locksmiths for fast-acting locksmiths.

Restricted Lock Installation in Central Brighton

restricted lock installation lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton installed this high security, Yale euro cylinder on a communal door in central Brighton. The customer required that the keys for the new lock were obtainable only with a special card or code which enables the keys to be duplicated. This type of lock is called “restricted” and there are several options and levels of security for them. LBP locksmiths Brighton supplied and fitted this lock, with extra keys for the best price that the customer had received.

If you are interested in a restricted lock for security purposes in your home or office, contact LBP Locksmiths for a quote today.