Apartment Lock Change in Central Brighton

Brighton Locksmith | Apartment Lock Change

LBP locksmith Brighton were called for an apartment lock change in the centre of the city. The customer was concerned that their current night latch lock was not sufficient enough to withstand an attack. We advised what options were available and proceeded to install a British standard Union deadlock. The lock is recognised by all insurance companies and having one fitted means you would be covered if you were to be broken into. However, high security locks like this cannot provide complete safety, it’s just not possible to say this. If the crooks have battering rams, they will get in. Having said that, the locks protrude so far into the door frame, smashing through it with a battering ram would make the most almighty racket.

Most crooks don’t carry battering rams and don’t want to attract attention, so having a lock like this installed is a good move if you care about your home and it’s contents.

Author: Jon Robinson