Window Board Up in Brighton

LBP Locksmiths went into central Brighton to board up a building with a broken window. After measurement, we cut the board onsite and installed it immediately, ensuring a precise fit.

Boarding up broken windows is important in both occupied and abandoned buildings if a repair is not possible in the present. It secures your property from squatters, trespassers and vandals, and protects the interior of the building from the weather. If your broken windows are awaiting repair, we recommend you board your windows as quickly as possible, especially if there’s impending bad weather.

LBP Locksmiths are experts in window glass repairs, installing UPVC windows, and additional security features.

If you need professionals to board up a broken window or repair and install a new one, if you have a break in or burglary contact LBP Locksmiths and we’ll respond to you very promptly.

board measurement for windows board up

window repair board up