Emergency Car Deadlock in Brighton

emergency car lockout lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths Brighton were called to an emergency car deadlock situation in the centre of Brighton. The customer had been food shopping, put her young daughter in the car and loaded the shopping bags in the boot. By accident, the car keys had found their way into a shopping bag and when the boot closed, the car deadlocked.

Understandably the customer was very panicked. Luckily, LBP Locksmiths Brighton arrived on the scene in 25 minutes, picked the lock and saved the day. The customer was so pleased by the time in which we arrived, the skill displayed in non-destructively picking the lock, and the superhero style it was all done in.

Should you find yourself locked out of your car, contact LBP Locksmiths right away.

Weekend Lock Installation in Central Brighton

weekend lock installation lbp locksmith

A couple in central Brighton were in the process of putting their dwelling on Airbnb. However, they were concerned about some of their worldly possessions being accessible to whoever might stay there. After expressing their concerns to LBP Locksmiths Brighton, we advised them on a suitable lock to keep their stuff nice and secure. Due to their work commitments, the lock installation could only be executed on a Sunday. This was no problem for LBP locksmiths Brighton as we are conveniently available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As the image shows, LBP locksmiths Brighton take utmost care and pride in all our work. When you need a weekend lock installation, whether it’s on a Saturday or Sunday, feel free to contact us.