Multipoint Lock (MPL) Replacement Rottingdean

LBP locksmiths attended a house in Rottingdean. The customers UPVC door lining had rusted along with the old Multipoint Lock unit (MPL). It took significant effort to remove due to the rust. The new MPL locking unit was fitted and we cleaned up the door with a UPVC cleaner. However, these locks can also depreciate through time. 

Multipoint locks (MPL)  are more secure than standard uPVC locks because there are more than 1 locking points. A typical MPL has one solid deadbolt, paired with a “live” latch and at least two other sturdy bolts. 

Here’s what you need to know about this type of lock:

  • It’s called “multipoint” because it has numerous locking mechanisms. Doors with MPLs are much more secure.
  • MPL’s are recognised by UK insurance companies and may bring down your home insurance premium. The level of security is better for commercial applications like shops and industrial
  • MPL’s can reduce wear and tear of the door hinges as the load is spread across different locking points. 

LBP Locksmiths can repair UPVC doors and locks. Doors can be realigned if the door is failing to close or lock properly. We can even replace the whole door is the damage is irreparable. 


Flat Door Emergency Repair & Replacement

Flat doors have to withstand a lot of pressure. They keep us safe from any weather whatever the season is. We also get the assurance that our loved ones and property are safe. 

But a door’s quality depreciates over time. And this may call for a replacement door.

Here’s a broken flat door. It was kicked. We made an emergency repair with hasps, staples and a 60mm padlock. The door is due to be replaced shortly.

How’s secure is the front door to your flat or office? You might need a replacement door if you’re already experiencing any of these:

  • Opening or locking the door is difficult.
  • A broken door may lead to security issues.
  • You see cracks

LBP Locksmith repair or replace front doors for your flat, house or office. The doors can be traditional wood or UPVC. We can custom fit locks. Contact us now!


Sash Lock Replacement in Lewes County

sash lock change after lbp locksmith

LBP locksmiths were called to a job in Lewes where the customer’s sash lock had seized up and the lock didn’t work. LBP locksmiths Brighton were able to open the lock and replace it with a new one on the first visit. Our customer advised us that we gave the most competitive quote over the phone and they were pleased we could come out at a time which suited them.

Contact us today to get a quote for your lock needs.


UPVC Door Lock Change in Brighton

UPVC Door Lock Change | Brighton Locksmith

LBP locksmith Brighton were called to a property in the Moulsecoomb area of Brighton for 2x UPVC door lock change. The customer wanted the locks changed as a tenant had recently moved out without returning the keys. LBP locksmith Brighton attended the job within an hour of the customer’s call and completed the job there and then, giving the customer peace of mind that he was the only person with keys to his property.